McLaren: Sainz and Norris still our future

Mark Scott
Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz chatting

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz

McLaren’s position on their current driver line-up of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris has not “really changed” despite the 2020 season not getting underway.

Sainz and Norris are due to spend a second season as team-mates together at McLaren once the 2020 campaign finally begins. But, both will need to sign contract extensions to race for them again beyond this year.

Sainz in particular has found himself playing a part in Formula 1’s ‘silly season’ as he is reportedly on the shortlist to replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari if a new contract with the four-time World Champion cannot be agreed.

The Spaniard has been urged to join Ferrari if the opportunity does come his way, but Seidl says both Sainz and Norris are still very much part of McLaren’s future.

“Our position hasn’t really changed, or the way we want to approach that for the future,” Seidl told Autosport.

“Within McLaren, with Carlos and Lando, of course we would have liked to get some races under the belt now and then sit together finally and make decisions from both sides.

“But also here, I don’t think that is a big issue at the moment.”

As for whether the 2020 delay will have impact on other deals at McLaren – such as their current engine agreement with Renault which is due to expire at the end of year – Seidl also does not envisage any big issues potentially arising within the organisation.

“I think on contracts, it doesn’t matter which contracts, it will not be a big issue,” Seidl added.

“I think it will be easy to find solutions there, because everyone involved in F1 has the same interest.

“We have contracts in place. And so for us there’s no reason not to continue with that plan.

“I don’t think that there will be any issue regarding our agreement we have with Renault.

“I think it’s important to state also we have a great relationship there and an open and transparent relationship for this year.

“So I don’t see an issue there.”

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