Iconic McLaren chrome livery to make stunning return at British Grand Prix

Sam Cooper
McLaren chrome livery for Silverstone 2023.

McLaren chrome livery for Silverstone 2023.

McLaren are bringing back one of their most iconic liveries as they return to the chrome style of Lewis Hamilton’s era.

The livery will be on both Lando Norris’ and Oscar Piastri’s car for the British Grand Prix weekend only and is a nod to the fan-favourite design of 2006 to 2014.

While McLaren’s papaya makes it one of the most striking cars on the grid, fans and even drivers have yearned for a return back to the iconic chrome with Norris admitting that he has pleaded with CEO Zak Brown for a swap back.

Norris has got his wish, if only for one race, with the drivers both wearing special race suits for the weekend. Additionally, Norris will have a one-off helmet design and boots.

Brown said: “It’s no secret that racing fans love McLaren’s classic chrome livery. Google Chrome wanted to bring back elements of this iconic livery to celebrate our team’s history at the British Grand Prix, and we’re excited to be able to give our fans what they want.

“I’m sure this livery will bring back great memories for many of our fans, and I can’t wait to see it out on track at our home race.”

It was with the chrome design that McLaren last tasted title success with Hamilton winning the championship in just his second year as an F1 driver. They moved away from the colour scheme in 2015 to a black design before moving to papaya in 2017.

This livery is part of McLaren’s ongoing celebrations of its 60th birthday, which has seen the Formula 1 team and the IndyCar team revisit other heritage liveries, notably commemorating the iconic Triple Crown achievement.

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The livery has been brought back in partnership with one of McLaren’s main sponsors, Google, and their VP of global marketing Nick Drake said: “It’s been a privilege for the Google Chrome team to work with McLaren on bringing back elements of an iconic livery to inspire this takeover.

“We were delighted with the fans’ reaction to the branded wheel covers that introduced our partnership, and now Google Chrome is putting chrome back on the McLaren for its home race.

“We’re looking forward to Silverstone and hope all McLaren fans enjoy what promises to be a really exciting weekend of racing.”

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