McLaren confirm leaked image was a fake

McLaren car: Fake image

McLaren car: Fake image

Stand down everybody! Nothing to see here. McLaren have confirmed a leaked image of their potential 2019 car was a fake.

We, like many others, are desperate for our first real taste of the 2019 season and a false sense of hope was triggered when McLaren’s header photo on their Facebook account suddenly changed.

It depicted the same papaya orange livery that McLaren ran last season and also seemed to suggest a longer-term Coca-Cola sponsorship deal was in the place as the logo appeared on the rear wing.

But McLaren have since denied that the image is a legitimate photo and we are indeed going to have to wait until February 14 to feast our eyes on it.


2019  confirmed car launch dates:

February 12: Renault

February 13: Racing Point

February 14: McLaren

February 15: Ferrari

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