McLaren offer update on development plans after big 2023 upgrades

Sam Cooper
McLaren team-mates Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri close. Italy, September 2023.

McLaren team-mates Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri close through the Monza chicane. Italy, September 2023.

McLaren boss Andrea Stella has confirmed their development of the MCL60 has stopped as they begin to focus on creating the best car for next year.

Of all the teams on the grid, McLaren made the biggest in-season improvement with the MCL60 going from struggling to finish within the points to being a consistent contender for the podium.

But there will be few parts added to the car for rest of this year as the team sets its sights on the 2024 season

McLaren 2023 development at an end says Andrea Stella

As is often the case, once the season hits the midway point, plenty of teams will settle for their lot and hope for better fortunes in the following season.

2023 in particular has provided a golden opportunity for plenty of teams to head back to the drawing board earlier than usual with Red Bull clear in both titles.

McLaren are fifth in the standings and although Alpine are not too far behind, team principal Stella has said focus is being moved to their 2024 car.

“The focus itself on development has stopped,” he told media including in Monza. “We are now working on next year’s car. I think this is pretty much what has happened in every team. recommends

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“This doesn’t mean that we won’t have any new parts, because actually there’s a time lag between the development at the factory and the delivery of parts trackside.

“So we will see some new parts coming in the next couple of races and we hope that by improving our performance, we will be able to consolidate the good results we have had lately, and possibly lean on the podiums once more before the end of the season.”

While focus at a Monza race is naturally on Ferrari, it was also a special weekend in the history of McLaren with the team celebrating 60 years of racing. Stella said his particular route into work makes him appreciate the history that came before

“[It is] just a phenomenal achievement for our team,” the 52-year-old said. “We at McLaren have a strong sense of belonging, we are proud to be carrying this incredible legacy.

“And for me, when I get to the MTC, I normally enter from the far end of the boulevard. So I actually walk the boulevard with all the cars and it’s such a reminder of the privilege that we have. Myself in my position, everyone working at McLaren, and it gives us even more motivation and determination to add our part to this legacy.”

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