McLaren would welcome Ferrari to IndyCar series

Jamie Woodhouse
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McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown has said it would be “great” to see Ferrari join the IndyCar series in the future.

McLaren attempted the Indianapolis 500 twice before linking up with the Schmidt Peterson team to form Arrow McLaren SP as they made a full-time commitment to the series this year.

And the upcoming Formula 1 budget cap has prompted Ferrari to weigh up entering a team of their own.

With the cap set at $145m for its first season in 2021, teams like Ferrari are faced with cutting a large number of staff from their F1 operations to fall within the new restrictions.

And they have confirmed that they are interested in joining IndyCar as a way of avoiding making these surplus F1 staff redundant.

The series’ owner Roger Penske has already confirmed that talks have taken place with Ferrari, and Brown said it would be “great” to see their F1 rivals join them in IndyCar.

When asked if he would welcome Ferrari, Brown told The Race: “Absolutely. I think it would be great if Ferrari joined IndyCar.

“I think it would be great for their brand.

“I think it would be great for IndyCar, no doubt bringing some additional excitement and intrigue.

“Whether they come as a team or as an engine manufacturer or both, we very much welcome Ferrari’s participation.”

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Both Formula 1 and IndyCar have returned to action during the pandemic – Formula 1 has seen only one positive test so far within the paddock, returned by Sergio Perez, whilst IndyCar are yet to see a positive case.

Speaking about the procedures that each series has developed, Brown said: “Well, both very good.

“Both taking it very seriously I don’t think I’ve seen a single person without a mask on.

“I just came back from my test.

“The testing protocols are different from what happens in Formula One and happens here.

“You’re getting tested every morning.

“But it’s a different type of test where in Formula One you’re getting tested kind of every three days but with a let’s say more painful test.

“So they’re both clearly taking it very seriously, I think the fact that there’s really not been – we’ve had one incident in Formula One with Sergio Perez, and I’m not aware of any here in IndyCar so I think what they’re both doing, it’s working and I think we just need to be – as we all are – stay very firm and not get relaxed.

“It’s clear you can catch this thing pretty easily.”

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