McLaren lead the way with substantial Miami GP upgrades as Mercedes also bring changes

Henry Valantine
McLaren bring upgrades to the Miami Grand Prix.

McLaren have brought a swathe of upgrades with them to the Miami Grand Prix.

McLaren have brought a lengthy list of upgrades with them to the Miami Grand Prix this weekend, which include a “completely revised” front wing and floor on the MCL38.

The FIA’s ‘show and tell’ document for Miami has been released with all 10 teams required to disclose whether or not upgrades have been placed on their car, and McLaren have brought 10 different changes to the MCL38 at this round.

McLaren make significant tweaks to MCL38 with ‘completely revised’ parts in Miami

Having already started the season among the fight as the third-fastest team, McLaren are looking to move further forward with the introduction of a host of parts in Miami this weekend.

In total, these are a “new, completely revised” front wing, floor, new front suspension geometry, revised front and rear brake ducts and winglets, a revised sidepod inlet, new bodywork and a new engine cover to go with it, an updated louvre range and updated rear suspension – along with a Miami-specific beam wing for the demands of the circuit.

Away from McLaren, Mercedes have submitted minor floor and front suspension upgrades along with two circuit-specific changes for Miami to the W15, with team principal Toto Wolff having confirmed earlier this week their first small updates of the season would be brought with them to the United States. recommends

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Aston Martin have added an extra cooling inlet for the drivers on the AMR24 to offer them more airflow in the cockpit, along with Miami-specific changes to the front and rear wing, beam wing and engine cover.

Red Bull have submitted one upgrade for the RB20 this weekend, bringing an update to the floor to reduce weight and improve reliability on their car.

Williams will be trialling a tweaked version of their front wing in Miami as they look to continue their progress forward, while RB will be running with a new floor and diffuser.

Sauber have brought Miami-specific front and rear wings with them to the first United States-based round of the year, while Haas have added a small Gurney-flap to their floor in the hope of extracting more downforce from the VF-24 at their first ‘home’ race of 2024.

Ferrari and Alpine, however, did not submit any upgrades for the Miami Grand Prix, choosing to work with the package they already had for this event.

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