McLaren’s Monza upgrades laid bare as teams roll out changes for Italian GP

Thomas Maher
Oscar Piastri's car being worked on in the pits at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.

McLaren predict F1's pecking order will 'evolve' in 2024.

While most of the teams have rolled out some updates for the Italian Grand Prix, it’s McLaren who have shown up with the most comprehensive package.

Having been very open about their weakness in low-downforce specification before the F1 summer break, McLaren appear to have brought along a package aimed at addressing those weaknesses.

While all of the teams have shown up with tweaks to run at the unique Monza circuit, McLaren’s package has introduced new and upgraded components.

What have McLaren brought to the Italian Grand Prix?

McLaren have updated their front wing, adjusting the front wing flag shape in order to efficiently reduce the front wing loading to balance low downforce rear wing options.

A new front brake duct scoop has also been introduced to improve flow conditioning, also offering an efficient increase in aerodynamic load – there is no compromise in brake cooling as a result.

A drag level-specific rear wing will also be added to the MCL60, including a new drag flag assembly and the associated trims. This reduces flap loading and resultant drag on the rear wing.

A modified rear wing endplate has been reshaped from the usual specification, in order to reduce drag and load on the new rear wing, while rear corner winglets have also been rolled out – all changes aimed at reducing the drag that plagued McLaren at Spa-Francorchamps.

What changes have the other teams made?

Red Bull have made changes to both their front and rear wing, changes which are circuit-specific.

On the front wing flap trailing edge, the chord has been shortened in order to reduce the load for the balance range for the expected rear wing downforce level. The same change has been made on the rear wing flap trailing edge in order to reduce the downforce level.

Ferrari and Mercedes’ changes are very similar, with tweaks made to the front and rear wings to ‘depower’ the profiles of both wings while maintaining the car balance.

Alpine’s car has a tweaked rear beam wing on the A523, which will reduce drag on the rear wing.

Haas are the only team to not introduce any changes to their car for this season.

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