McLaren ‘don’t like’ RP20 but won’t protest

Jamie Woodhouse
Racing Point RP20 PA

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes there could be other issues surrounding the legality of the Racing Point cars after saying their defence was ‘BS’.

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl has said that although he doesn’t like the Racing Point/Mercedes link, there will be no protest over the RP20.

Racing Point’s ‘pink Mercedes’ continues to ruffle a few feathers in the paddock, and McLaren are among that group.

But while Seidl openly admits that he doesn’t approve of the Racing Point/Mercedes link which sees the RP20 look very similar to last year’s title-winning W10, he says there isn’t any legal grounds which McLaren could use to protest it.

Speaking in the Friday press conference, as quoted by, Seidl said: “There’s absolutely no intention to launch any protest because I think there are no grounds for that.

“Mercedes and Racing Point have chosen to go down this route which, to be honest, I think there’s also room within the regulations to do what they did.

“Do I like it? Of course, I don’t like it but at the same time, if it’s possible within the regulations to do something like that, to have this kind of cooperation in terms of sharing wind tunnel technology and so on, there’s no reason to complain.

“I simply think it’s important for F1 to put out further clarifications towards the future to make sure there are certain limitations of what we can do.’’

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Renault have also made it clear previously that they are less than impressed with the RP20.

That being said, team boss Cyril Abiteboul believes that the link between Mercedes and Racing Point, or any of the ‘B-team’ models won’t last into next year.

His reasoning was the upcoming budget cap, and Abiteboul believes that with Mercedes’ budget coming down much closer to that of Racing Point’s, the Silver Arrows won’t be so happy with their car being “copied” from next year.

But that’s next year, as for this season, Seidl believes Racing Point will be at the head of the midfield fighting with Renault and McLaren.

“Racing Point and their cooperation with Mercedes look very, very strong,” he said.

“In Barcelona, they sounded quite confident as well so I think that will be the car to beat in the midfield this year. At the same time, we know Renault and some other teams as well did a great job over the winter and we are expecting a very tight battle.”

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