McLaren concedes rivals have done ‘a better job’

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Lando Norris blurred McLaren pit stop. Saudi Arabia March 2022

Lando Norris in focus, the rest of the McLaren pit stop blurred. Saudi Arabia March 2022

McLaren need to accept that rival teams have done a “better job” with their all-new 2022 cars, says team boss Andreas Seidl.

This season marked the beginning of Formula 1’s new ground effect aerodynamic era, the sport adopting a new philosophy to create downforce in a bid to improve the racing.

The teams were warned that some will get it right, and at least one or two will get it very wrong.

McLaren, at least at this moment in time, seem to fall into the latter category.

Fourth in last year’s Constructors’ Championship, the Woking team has managed to get just one car into the top-ten in the opening two races of this season with Lando Norris P7 at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The team has previously conceded that the MCL36 has “fundamental problems” and that it won’t be a quick fix.

It is a marked difference to last season when McLaren were fighting Ferrari for third in the standings.

Now Ferrari are fighting for race wins, leading both championships, and McLaren are down in eighth place with six points on the board.

“In the end, we have to accept that other teams did a better job than us over winter,” Seidl said as per The Race.

“That’s why we are where we are. That’s what we acknowledged quite quickly within the team.

“It’s very important to be crystal clear on that and use the frustration, switch it into energy to strike back as quick as possible.”

Daniel Ricciardo is hoping that strike comes as early as the next race, the Australian Grand Prix.

Racing at home for the first time since 2019, the Australian driver hopes the tweaked Albert Park circuit suits his McLaren.

“Australia is flowing so perhaps that comes to us again and maybe we could fight for points,” he said.


“I know that’s not aiming very high, but that’s really all we can aim for now until we get some big updates.

“Anything inside the top 10 we’ll take as a little victory for now.”


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McLaren admit rivals have done a ‘better job’

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl has said the team need to accept that their rivals have done a 'better job' than they have.