McLaren weren’t late to nominate Suzuka tyres

McLaren weren't late to nominate Suzuka tyres

McLaren weren't late to nominate Suzuka tyres

F1 race director Charlie Whiting has backed McLaren’s claims that they weren’t late to nominate their tyres for the Japanese GP despite reports to the contrary.

Such was McLaren’s conservative choice of tyres for Suzuka that some felt something must have gone wrong.

That led to rumours that McLaren had dropped the ball with their tyre nominations and had failed to inform the FIA.

That, the whispers suggested, meant they were given Pirelli’s default selection.

McLaren denied this, insisting they had just made the wrong call.

“I think the important thing is to say look, we didn’t get it quite right to be honest and we’re not always going to get everything right,” said sporting boss Gil de Ferran.

“We strive to be better, make better analysis, make better decisions and so on and so forth. I think we understand that at the time we made the best decision we could with what we believe was the right information.

“New evidence and information became available since and with 20:20 hindsight you look back and you think ‘yep, probably would have made a different call’.”

Whiting has backed them, adding that at any time a team forgets to inform the FIA, they will be reminded to do so.

“I was not made aware of anyone being late,” said Whiting. “It is a long time ago anyway.

“What we would normally do is that if they haven’t selected it the day before, we would give them a quick call and say, ‘don’t forget you have to make your tyre choice’.

“But they are right on it.”

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