McLaren’s De Ferran not in favour of qualy tweaks

Date published: October 3 2018


Gil de Ferran sees no reason to tweak Formula 1’s qualifying format as he reckons it is the best system in motor racing today.

Last week Formula 1’s Strategy Group debating swapping to a four-part qualifying format for 2019.

The four-part system would run similar to the current set-up only with four cars dropping out in Q1, Q2 and again in Q3.

The final eight would contest pole position.

De Ferran, though, reckons the sport should stick with what it has.

The McLaren sporting boss told “To be honest, I quite like this qualifying format.

“I think of everything that I’ve seen over the years – and that’s a quite a wide range, including Friday qualifying, Saturday qualifying, limited number of laps, all sorts of things, single laps, one set of tyres per weekend the whole gamut – I think this is still my favourite type of qualifying.

“I think the most important thing in qualifying, at least for me when I’m watching, is that I wanna know the fastest guy is on pole. As a driver – and I’ve done a lot of driving in qualifying – you know I always wanted to be the fastest guy and I think that this format is the best format to actually determine that. So that when you’re on pole position it has some meaning and some value. And I kind of like that.

“Obviously with every format that I’ve seen over the years there is some positives, some negatives but on balance when I step back and I look at this format, it is my preferred format.”

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