Mercedes hopeful of ‘better fortunes’ at French GP

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Toto Wolff is cautiously optimistic of “better fortunes” to come for Mercedes back at a traditional racing circuit at Paul Ricard.

The Mercedes boss has been left picking up the pieces from two pretty disastrous rounds in Monaco and Baku respectively, which has seen Red Bull take control on both fronts in the World Championship.

But, we now await to see if there will be a return to what we consider as normality in the world of Formula 1, with Mercedes back dominating at traditional track.

Max Verstappen suspects so and Wolff is hopeful that could be potentially the case, too.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

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“We come off the back of two street circuits unsuited to our car, two circuits we knew would be difficult for us, and we were disappointed to lose a podium finish and a victory through our own mistakes,” Wolff said.

“That frustration reflects the high standards we hold ourselves to, and it is what drives us forward.

“In Monaco and Baku we put the W12 in a window where only one of our drivers found the confidence to unlock the performance of the car – Valtteri in Monaco and Lewis in Baku.

“In such a close, intense title fight, we need to deliver a car at each race which both our drivers can confidently push to its limits.

“The French Grand Prix means returning to a more traditional circuit and hopefully, better fortunes for us.

“It is a track we’ve gone well at in the past and, with a wide range of corner speeds that will test the car in every aspect, it’s an interesting challenge for us to tackle.

“We’re six races into the season and there’s still a long way to go. It’s looking very close at the front and we’re not expecting that to change anytime soon.

“We’ll be looking to turn our learnings from recent weeks into performance and to deliver a much stronger weekend with both cars.”

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