Mercedes cleared to run wheel design in Mexico

Mercedes cleared to run wheel design in Mexico

Mercedes cleared to run wheel design in Mexico

Mercedes will run their controversial wheel design at this weekend’s Mexican GP after getting the all-clear from the stewards.

With questions raised over the legality of the spacers in their wheel design, which features small holes to reduce heat flow, Mercedes sealed the holes in Austin to avoid a possible protest.

The team requested official clarification when they arrived in Mexico City.

Mercedes’ clarification related to whether the spacers broke the rules laid out in Article 3.8 of F1’s technical regulations.

The question was whether the holes served an aerodynamic function and could be considered an illegal moveable aerodynamic device.

The stewards ruled that they did not, giving Mercedes permission to run the wheel design in Mexico.

The ruling read: “Should Mercedes run the part as described in the correspondence between Mercedes and the FIA’s technical department, the stewards would consider this part to be in conformity with the regulations, but only with respect to the points raised in Mercedes’ request.”

They did, however, “reserve [the] right to judge alternative geometries, and to change this view if (for example) the spacer were to grow beyond its primary function and if the holes were to become big enough to have a more significant aerodynamic effect.”

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