Mercedes’ CPAP devices delivered to NHS hospitals

Jamie Woodhouse
Mercedes breathing device

Mercedes breathing device delivered to NHS hospitals.

The CPAP breathing devices which were co-designed by Mercedes and the University College London have now been delivered to NHS hospitals.

Known as UCL-Ventura, the breathing aid has been designed as a less intrusive way of helping those suffering with the symptoms of COVID-19 which attacks the lungs.

Formula 1 teams were quick to offer their support to the UK government as they put their capabilities to quickly design cutting-edge technology to use in the fight against the pandemic.

As as part of what was dubbed “Project Pitlane“, Mercedes AMG’s High Performance Powertrains and the University College London developed the UCL-Ventura device. It took less than 100 hours to produce the first unit before it underwent testing at UCL Hospital in London and other affiliated medical facilities.

A batch of 10,000 were ordered by the UK government, and the devices which are manufactured at Mercedes-AMG HPP in Brixworth have now been delivered to NHS hospitals.

In a further move Mercedes and UCL made all the details of the designs available to copy free of charge. write that there have been over 3,100 requests for the design, with 1,800 teams having been approved and the designs shared across 105 countries.

Mercedes AMG HPP Managing Director Andy Cowell said: “It is exceptionally pleasing to see that the flow devices swiftly engineered and produced in volume here at Brixworth are helping patients around the UK.

The supply of devices to the local Northampton hospital engendered a great sense of pride for the whole team.”

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