Marko believes DAS is ‘forbidden & prohibited’

Michelle Foster

Lewis Hamilton feels like he's never been away after Silverstone test.

Helmut Marko believes the effects of Mercedes’ new DAS system are “forbidden” as it functions like a “prohibited active suspension”.

Mercedes debuted its dual axis steering system at the Circuit de Catalunya on Thursday.

To use the system the drivers push or pull on their steering wheel which changes the toe of the wheels.

The benefits of that are better tyre life, better cornering and it acts as a drag reduction system.

Red Bull advisor Marko believes it is illegal.

Marko explained to Auto Motor und Sport: “If you actively change the toe of the wheels while driving, the contact surface of the tyres changes.

“And with that – albeit in a very, very small area – the ground clearance.

“But that is forbidden because the system then corresponds to the functioning of a prohibited active suspension.”

Mercedes, however, believe the system is legal.

“It’s a new system,” tech boss James Allison explained to the media at the Barcelona circuit. “We call it DAS.

“It opens up additional possibilities and creates a new dimension in steering. It will benefit the driver throughout the season.”

He added: “This isn’t new to the FIA. We’re talking to them for some time now.

“The rules are pretty clear about what’s prevented on steering systems and we’re pretty confident it matches all of those requirements.”

Should Mercedes use DAS as the Australian Grand Prix, rivals are likely to protest.

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