Mercedes make key discovery and ‘can explain’ Brazilian Grand Prix disaster

Mark Scott
Toto Wolff smiling.

Toto Wolff smiles as he makes his way through the F1 paddock.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has confirmed the team has found the answers for their woeful performance at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ weekend in São Paulo went from bad to worse last time out, culminating in a DNF for George Russell, who would have most likely been lapped by race winner Max Verstappen, and a lowly P8 finish for seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

It was a far cry from 12 months prior when Russell was able to have a car at his disposal capable of winning the race in Brazil, although that victory has been the only one recorded by the Silver Arrows since the conclusion of the F1 2021 season.

Mercedes find the answers

The shocking Mercedes display left everyone from the team themselves, the media and fans searching high and low for answers in an attempt to try and explain what on earth went wrong for the once-mighty F1 team.

And, ahead of a huge week for F1 as the Las Vegas Grand Prix comes into full view, Wolff has addressed the Brazilian Grand Prix disaster in his preview notes.

One slight problem…Wolff isn’t sharing the information that has been collected by Mercedes over the past week.

“After promising performances in the US and Mexico, we didn’t perform at our best in Brazil,” Wolff said.

“We have been hard at work to identify the wrong turn we took with the set-up; we have done that. We understand our mistakes and can explain our performance loss to the field. That’s important as we look to secure P2 in the Constructors’ Championship.”’s recommended reading

The worrying Mercedes theory confirmed at the Brazilian Grand Prix

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Wolff then moved swiftly on to the huge Las Vegas Grand Prix on the horizon, giving an insight into just how much teams are in the dark heading into this showpiece event and the level of work going on behind the scenes at the Silver Arrows.

He continued: “In parallel, we have been preparing for the challenge of racing at a venue that is a complete unknown. We have prepared the best we can, using the limited information we have, and there are some unique characteristics we can anticipate. The schedule is offset compared to other races.

“We’ll be running at night, where ambient and track temperatures will likely be in the single digits. Plus, the track layout itself is unusual with many slow corners but long straights.

“It’s going to be a big challenge for us all and we’re looking forward to taking it on.

“It will also be an immense effort off-track.

“We have an impressive guest hosting programme including our own three-storey Vegas Club next to Turn 4. Media interest will be through the roof and seeing the cars race down the Las Vegas Strip will be one of the most exciting moments of the season.

“The eyes of the sporting world will be on F1, and we look forward to putting on a spectacular show. It is going to be something truly special to witness.”

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