‘Really intense’ Mercedes W15 period detailed with ‘crucial’ deadlines in effect

Henry Valantine
The Mercedes logo.

Mercedes are working around the clock to get the W15 ready in time for launch.

Mercedes are dealing with “thousands and thousands of components” every day as preparations for the launch of the W15 ramp up.

The team’s chief operating officer Rob Thomas has explained the sheer amount of work going on at the factory as the car comes together, with team staff working all day every day to get their new car ready for the season.

This is likely to be a story replicated throughout the grid as 2024 preparations continue, but Mercedes have provided insight into what is happening behind the scenes at Brackley.

Mercedes working ’24/7′ to get W15 ready for launch

With hundreds of staff members working on the development of the W15, set to launch on Valentine’s Day ahead of pre-season testing in Bahrain, months of work are continuing at pace to prepare the team’s new car.

Mercedes hope their new challenger will put them back in contention for race wins and potentially a World Championship, but first and foremost, the challenge in front of them is preparing the car – and their chief operating officer put plenty of praise on Mercedes’ staff for how they have gone about their work.

“There are literally thousands and thousands of components arriving, going through inspection and levels of testing,” Thomas told Mercedes’ official website.

“Then they’re built into various sub-assemblies for the Test and Development department, who’ll put them through tests for fatigue, reliability and performance.

“It’s a really intense time for people in the factory because these departments are operating on shift patterns 24/7. People show huge levels of commitment.

“There’s so much going on and everything must come together for these deadlines.

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“It’s crucial at this time of year to stick to the timeframes and leave no stone unturned. We know that’s what’s required to put us in the best condition to go testing and racing. Otherwise, we’ll find problems further down the line that have a much bigger impact.

“We’re always trying to find that balance between speed and quality.

“We’ve worked hard for years on behaviours in the team and making sure we have a defined set of values.

“It’s really this time of year where it comes together, everyone is in [the factories] and each department is an expert in what they do.

“But to deliver the car, it relies on every department interacting so closely together. Everything is done respectfully, but very fast.

“There’s a line of trust in each area. There’s never finger-pointing. If anyone has an issue, they’ll fix it and if they need help, they’ll come and ask.”

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