Wolff doesn’t want headlines linking Mick to Mercedes

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Mick Schumacher Ferrari kit

Mick Schumacher Ferrari kit

Ferrari aren’t the only team interested in one day putting Mick Schumacher in the car with Toto Wolff saying “why not” Mercedes.

That, however, isn’t a headline he wants to create right now as the German gears up for his Formula 1 debut.

This season Schumacher is following in his father Michael’s footsteps as he lines up on the Formula 1 grid.

The 21-year-old will race for the Ferrari-powered Haas team with the Scuderia keeping a close eye on him for a potential 2023 race seat.

Michael’s final F1 team, Mercedes, could also be interested.

For now, though, Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff says he doesn’t want to put that sort of pressure on the debutant’s shoulders.

Speaking to RTL, the Austrian said: “That’s exactly the pressure I don’t want to put on Mick.

“If I deliver the headline now ‘One day Mick will be in the Mercedes’, it doesn’t make sense at this point.

“Mick definitely has the potential to sit in a top car and why not in a Mercedes, but he has to go his way. You have to give him time.

“Only when a driver has the experience, doesn’t make big mistakes anymore, convert the speed, then he can bring in big successes in a top car.”

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Wolff reckons the German is at the right team for his debut season as, running near the back of the field, there is less pressure at Haas than there would be at the likes of Ferrari or Mercedes.

And the less pressure on Schumacher, who carries one of the famous names in motor sport, the better.

“I see Mick as a confident young driver, who knows what he can do and who knows that he needs his time,” Wolff said.

“Now it’s about taking the pressure off his shoulders, letting him drive. He is with Haas in a team where he can learn.”

He added: “Mick has the talent and intelligence to make his way in a top team and compete for race wins and maybe championships in the future.”

“The most important thing is to take the pressure off Mick’s shoulders.

“Of course, he has the great name of the best F1 driver of all time with a strong personality. But Mick is doing very well.”

Mick Schumacher Ferrari

Schumacher will have another rookie alongside him at Haas with the team putting Nikita Mazepin in the other car.

Despite the negative headlines surrounding Mazepin, Wolff believes it will be a harmonious partnership with both eager to learn.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I see Mick as someone who does the talking on the track and not do big politics.

“What both don’t need are fights off the track.

“It’s really about learning, supporting the team and then eventually taking the next step.”

Schumacher tested with Ferrari at the Fiorano circuit on Thursday, the Scuderia giving him track time in a SF71H in the build up to his debut season.

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