From Mercedes’ rear suspension to Ferrari’s rear wing, the full list of Baku upgrades

Michelle Foster
Mercedes W14 front wing display. Azerbaijan April 2023

Mercedes W14 front wing display. Azerbaijan April 2023

As expected Formula 1’s first race in Europe has heralded a raft of upgrades, but worryingly for Red Bull’s rivals, the runaway championship leaders have not stood still.

All the talk in the build-up to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, round four of the 2023 F1 World Championship, was about Mercedes’ “start of a new path”, as Lewis Hamilton put it, and whether or not Ferrari would take the risk to run their reported revised sidepods.

But while the Scuderia have opted not to, bringing only a performance-based rear wing to the low-downforce Baku circuit, Mercedes have opted for a raft of updates from the front suspension to the rear wing endplate.

Red Bull though have not stood still.

The Milton Keynes’ squad, 58 points up in the Constructors’ Championship with three wins to start the season that included back-to-back P1s, have brought new sidepod inlets, a floor edge and engine cover to Baku.

The latter two, more performance based than circuit, are designed to compliment the revised sidepod inlets which improve the cooling effect and overall performance. Red Bull have also tweaked the RB19’s floor fences and rear corner.

As for Mercedes, third in the championship with one podium, they have a new rear endplate, front and rear corner as well as front suspension.

The latter allows for improved floor attachment around the outboard fairing which results in better flow to the floor. Mercedes are hoping this resolves some of the W14’s downforce issues while the front corner changes should help with braking at the Baku circuit.

Their updates are in sharp contrast to Ferrari who have opted to bring only a new rear wing to the circuit, a high-downforce set-up with the Scuderia said to be waiting on Imola to introduce their big upgrade package. Aston Martin have also only arrived in Azerbaijan with a revised rear wing. recommends

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As for F1’s midfield battle, Alpine have a new floor, rear wing as well as front and rear corner while McLaren have changed the MCL60’s floor body, rear wing and flat and beam wing.

Lando Norris said of the new package: “What we have this weekend is probably just the baseline we should’ve started the year with, and it’s about understanding what we have now.

“It’s a better baseline, there’s more room for opportunities and more room for improvements with what we have. So, it’s something that will make us take a small step forward.

“I’m excited. The team has done a very good job to bring these things through and get ready.”

Alfa Romeo have gone with new front, beam and front wings with Haas also opting for a new rear wing as too have Williams.

AlphaTauri, P9 with just one point on the board, have decided on a big upgrade with a new front wing, engine corner, rear and beam wing as well as a new rear corner.