Still all systems go for Mercedes and Red Bull

Mark Scott
Mercedes Red Bull

Mercedes Red Bull

Mercedes and Red Bull intend to keep their UK factories open in the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world.

Ferrari has shut down its bases in Marenello and Modena until at least March 27 with Italy continuing to be the worst-affected European country, but title rivals Mercedes and Red Bull are both in a position to keep devoting time, money and resources to its more immediate Formula 1 operations.

“Our factories remain open at this time, in line with UK government advice,” a Mercedes spokesperson said.

“We have had no cases so far in either facility. Team members returning from Australia will be isolating for 14 days to minimise any risk of infection.”

Also remaining open are Red Bull.

“We can currently continue to work in England,” Red Bull’s Helmut Marko told

“I assume that all teams based in England will continue to go full throttle except for McLaren. In any case, we are working at full speed.”

With Ferrari unable to work at full capacity in the immediate future, it will be interesting to see if they do end up having to play catch up on their rivals once the Formula 1 season does eventually get underway.

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