Wolff denies W11 has flexible rear wing

Mark Scott
Mercedes W11

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said the W11 does not have a flexible rear wing, saying they have avoided all “grey areas” in the car’s production.

The ongoing RP20 saga has ensured the legality of Formula 1 cars has remained firmly under the spotlight throughout the revised 2020 campaign.

But it is not just the ‘pink Mercedes’ that has been attracting attention as the dominant black Mercedes W11 has also been questioned. In reports that first circulated in Italy, there are claims that the Silver Arrows have been using a ‘flexi-wing’ on the rear of the car.

From on-board footage that focuses on the rear, the W11 appeared, to some, to tilt inwards when going through the corners.

However, there has been no concrete evidence of the flexing and no indication by the FIA that it is being investigated, suggesting an optical illusion is playing tricks with the eagle eyes.

Wolff was asked by Motorsport-Total.com about the accusations and dismissed them outright.

“We don’t have a flexible rear wing,” Wolff said.

“I don’t know what kind of pictures they’ve seen, but we’re not even trying to get anywhere near any grey area, especially with flexible parts.

“Maybe they should be looking elsewhere.”

Mercedes’ role in the creation of Racing Point’s 2020 challenger has also been questioned, but Wolff is also adamant that the team has not broken any rules.

Wolff, quoted by Motorsport.com, said: “Copying the car more than from photos is something we would know. That is why from my perspective, it is total nonsense to pursue that argument.

“I will be defending our brand firmly if somebody were to go down that route.

“As hard as we race each other on Sunday or Saturday, we also fight the political game. That is important and has always been the case.

“The Racing Point case is an opportunity for your direct competitors to maybe push us hard and that has always been the case.

“We have a clear position on the Racing Point situation and in that respect it doesn’t really bother us, and it shouldn’t bother us, because the FIA have made that clarification.

“The little nudging that is happening around that is something that is acceptable.”

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