Merry Christmas from everyone at PlanetF1!

Sebastian Vettel gets into the festive spirit. December 2021

After the season we have all witnessed, it feels like an even bigger achievement to have made it to Christmas. Well done everyone!

Whilst we spend Christmas Day eating the equivalent weight of all 20 Formula 1 cars stacked up on top of each other, we thought we would leave you with a few post-season pieces from over the last couple weeks.

You know, just in case you haven’t done enough reflecting yet on the events of Abu Dhabi and the batsh*t crazy season as a whole or if you fancy starting some good old-fashioned arguments with family members around the Christmas dinner table just to spice things up again.

Before we depart, all of us here at PlanetF1 would like to wish you, yes you reading this right now, a very Merry Christmas…except for the trolls and those incapable of having a conversation without insulting people.

Thank you for following our coverage throughout the year and here’s hoping an exciting 2022 season comes our way…

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