Mexico City Grand Prix weather: Three-day outlook at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Thomas Maher
Fans in the Foro Sol at the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix. Mexico City, November 2021. WEATHER

Fans in the Foro Sol at the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix. Mexico City, November 2021.

Following the clear skies and sunny weather at the United States Grand Prix, it looks to be more of the same at this weekend’s Mexico City GP.

While two of the last three races suffered rain delays as downpours hit the Singapore and Japanese Grands Prix, the United States round was much more straightforward.

The drivers were greeted by lovely clear skies and warm temperatures as the Circuit of The Americas enjoyed some October sun, with the biggest challenge of the weekend being visibility in the shadows as the evening set in during the extended Friday practice session.

With F1 moving on to the third-last race of the year, heading south to Mexico, this weekend’s race in Mexico City looks to be pretty much the same outlook – perhaps unsurprising given the race is only 900 miles straight down south from Austin.

Friday will see temperatures of around 15 degrees celsius at dawn, climbing to a high of 27 degrees in the mid-afternoon. It’ll be sunny, clear skies for the majority of the day, with only minor cloud cover setting in as the evening takes over.

The highest chance of rain will remain at less than 10% during F1 track time, although will rise to about a 20% probability during the evening.

Saturday, qualifying day, will be slightly cooler – but there really is negligible difference – dawn temperatures of around 14 degrees will climb to about 24 degrees during the afternoon and through qualifying.

At 3pm local time, when qualifying gets underway, the weather forecast suggests a temperature of 23 degrees celsius with some mild cloud cover and only a minuscule (less than 5%) chance of rain affecting the session.

Sunday’s race day forecast is almost identical to Saturday’s, with a high of around 24 degrees during race time – although the chance of rain rises by a smidge to around 8%.

All of the weather information above is provided by the BBC.

This weekend marks the seventh occasion the revamped Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez will host a Grand Prix since returning to the F1 calendar in 2015.

Initially called the Mexican Grand Prix, the first time the race had been held since 1992, the event was renamed the Mexico City Grand Prix for 2021 after missing the ’20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rename was brought about to highlight the importance of the support from local government in Mexico City, in order to ensure the race stayed on the calendar.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen dominated last year’s race, having got the jump on the Mercedes pair in a thrilling first corner fight that proved emphatic in the outcome of the 2021 title fight. This year, with the title battle concluded, Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez will be out to thrill his home fans and claim his third win of the year after Monaco and Singapore.

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