Miami ready to change ‘whatever we need to’ to improve track

Sam Cooper
Nicholas Latifi and Carlos Sainz going round a corner at the Miami Grand Prix. Miami GP May 2022.

Williams' Nicholas Latifi goes round a corner while Ferrari's Carlos Sainz follows close behind at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. Miami, May 2022.

The Miami Grand Prix could look a lot different next season after one of its organisers said they would be willing to alter the track following drivers’ complaints.

While the hype and buzz around the inaugural Miami Grand Prix has been huge, the drivers themselves have not been entirely content with the new track.

Their issues boil down to two problems. The first is the Turn 14/15 uphill chicane at which Alpine’s Esteban Ocon crashed during FP3, while Lewis Hamilton said it reminded him of a B&Q car park.

The other is an issue with the surface itself and drivers being concerned the poor condition of it would make it likely there would be fewer overtakes because the drivers believed the risk to be too great.

While no changes were made for Sunday’s race, one of the organisers of the Miami GP has admitted they would be willing to make alterations in order to achieve the best possible track.

Managing partner Tom Garfinkel told Autosport they were changing “whatever we need to, to make the track better”.

“I think the challenge with the [turn 14/15] chicane and I don’t know that we communicated well enough why it exists and where it exists,” said Garfinkel.

“It was a bit of a necessary evil, if you will, to get the track big enough to create the rest of the race track to be great.

“That’s an area where it’s a tricky part because we have to really slow people down because we didn’t have enough run-off space.

“I think from talking to some folks at F1 and the FIA, I think there’s an opportunity to maybe change that a little bit to make it better. But it’s a bit of a necessary evil through there to get them to slow down.”


Ocon was very critical of this choice and told the media it was “unacceptable” for him to have suffered a 51G crash at the corner.

The Frenchman was not the only driver vocal in his complaints as Red Bull’s Sergio Perez branded the track surface a “joke”.

On the surface, Garfinkel said they were “evaluating” it.

“We want to make sure we get that right because obviously if they (the drivers) can’t get outside the racing line, there won’t be as much overtaking and that’s not good.

“The direction I wanted to have with the track was to have as much overtaking as possible.

“But if you can’t get out the racing line, you can’t pass. So we will take a really hard look at that. And we will make whatever changes we need to, if we need to, to make the track as good as we can.”