Miami pre-sale tickets sell out in just 40 minutes

Finley Crebolder
Downtown Miami. USA May 2021

An aerial view of downtown Miami. USA May 2021

Prices for Miami Grand Prix tickets may have been rather high, but that didn’t stop them from selling out in just 40 minutes.

As part of Formula 1’s efforts to make the sport more popular in the United States, the Florida city will be hosting a race weekend for the first time next season and remain on the calendar beyond that, with a 10-year deal being signed.

Shortly before tickets went on sale for next year’s race, the United States Grand Prix went ahead in Austin, and it suggested that the event at the Miami International Autodrome would prove popular.

Across the weekend, just under 400,000 fans went to the Circuit of The Americas to watch the action, creating an atmosphere that had seldom been seen at an F1 event in the nation before.

It now looks as if there could well be such an atmosphere in Miami next year, with pre-sale tickets selling out just 40 minutes after being made available to the public.

That’s despite the fact that such tickets were hugely expensive, with the cheapest three-day passes being around £500 and the most expensive ones costing just under £2000.

The sport will undoubtedly be hugely encouraged by the popularity of the event and will feel that the objective of making F1 bigger in the US is very much being fulfilled, thanks in part to Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

Indeed, one of the most prominent Americans in the sport, McLaren CEO Zak Brown, thinks the race in Miami will ultimately be a huge boost for F1’s popularity in the nation.

“You’re starting to see things happening. Miami will be another turbo charge for the sport,” he said.

“You’ve got Mexico, Montreal, so you’ve neighbouring events and a TV contract that I believe is up for renewal in the not-too-distant future. We’re anticipating the growth of Formula 1 that will get a better fiscal and promotion of F1.

“Whether we stay where we are or we change that will be up to Stefano. It’s all those pieces coming together that have started the real growth.”


He says the sport needs to ensure it does more than just have races in the country going forward though.

“We’ve seen since Liberty acquired the sport, they’ve done some of these local events, they did one in Hollywood,” he added.

“And Netflix, while it [Drive to Survive] drops for one week in February, the amount of people that talk to all of us about it is amazing.

“Austin is an awesome race, we’ve Miami coming now, but it’s good those are not coming in the same month.

“Now we have platforms like Cisco Webex running global TV campaigns with McLaren, they’re running it during the NBA broadcasts, and there was a big NBA promotion at the weekend.

“So I think we need to do more of what we are doing now which is focusing on an annual marketing campaign.”


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