Michael Schumacher’s ex-manager admits regret over events after tragic skiing accident

Willi Weber and Michael Schumacher

Willi Weber was Michael Schumacher’s manager until 2012.

Michael Schumacher’s former manager said he has given up hope of seeing his former protege after the German’s skiing accident almost a decade ago.

Schumacher was skiing with his then-14-year-old son Mick in the French Alps in 2013 when he fell and hit his head on a rock, sustaining a serious head injury despite wearing a ski helmet.

That was the seven-time World Champion’s last public appearance with the former Ferrari driver’s health kept private by his family.

Michael Schumacher’s manager forced to move on

Few have been given access to see Schumacher since his accident but one who regrets not going to see him when he was in the hospital is Willi Weber, who said he “grieved like a dog” after he heard the news.

“When I think about Michael now, unfortunately I no longer have any hope of seeing him again,” he told Focus.de.

“No positive news after 10 years and in the official documentary you could hear from Corinna and Mick’s emotional statements that he still can’t walk or talk.

“Of course I regret that [he did not visit Schumacher] very much and blame myself. I should have visited Michael in the hospital. I grieved like a dog after his accident. It hit me incredibly hard, you can imagine that.

“Of course also the fact that Corinna no longer allowed any contact. But at some point the point came when I had to free myself from Michael and let go.”

Weber is not someone that has been allowed to visit Schumacher with the two falling out shortly before his accident. Weber said he has moved on from ever seeing his protege again.

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“Even three or four years later, people who recognised me kept asking me: ‘You’re Schumacher’s ex-manager. How is Michael?’ Then I stopped trying to explain and thought: ‘Why doesn’t anyone ask how I’m doing?’ For me it was clear: Well, now it’s over. This crap needs to get out of my head.”

Schumacher’s legacy has lived on through his son Mick but the 24-year-old is heading into his second year on the F1 sidelines. Weber believes that if Michael had been trackside, Mick would have had a better time of it.

“I think that Michael was keen to get the boy into Formula 1 and manage him the way I used to manage him. If he had been at Mick’s side, this Haas team boss (Guenther Steiner) wouldn’t have played such a bad role with him and Mick would have had a second chance somewhere else.

“The boy has to adapt like his father did back then,” Weber said of Schumacher’s 2024 WEC drive. “This is not a formula car. You can’t throw it into the corner like a Formula 3, which Michael drove with precision like a Swiss watch.

“The car didn’t fit in as a whole, which is why Michael wasn’t the fastest in the sports car. But he learned a lot there for the future. You noticed that afterwards too. I wish that for Mick too.”

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