Michael’s Schumacher iconic 2003 Ferrari up for sale, could fetch $9.4 million

Sam Cooper
Michael Schumacher's F2003-GA. July 2003

Michael Schumacher's F2003-GA which is up for sale. July 2003

One of the cars Michael Schumacher drove during the 2003 World Championship is to go on auction and could fetch a whopping $9.4 million.

The seven-time World Champion drove the F2003-GA Chassis 229 to seven race victories during the 2003 season, which was the penultimate title win of his career.

It is also just one of four Schumacher-era Ferrari Formula 1 chassis with five wins or more in a World Championship winning season.

Passionate (and rich) fans will now be given a chance to own the car as it goes up for auction in Geneva, Switzerland, the same country the Schumacher family have been living in since 2007.

Sotheby’s Auction House, who are in charge of the sale, have predicted that it could fetch up to $9.4 million (£8.3 million/€9.4 million).

“It’s special because this car is one of the only four cars with more than four wins in the Ferrari history and especially with one of the most skilled driver of his generation, Michael Schumacher,” Vincent Luzuy, executive assistant to the director of RM Sotheby’s sales, said.

Luzuy also said the car was “track-ready” should the buyer wish to give their new purchase a spin.

If the car does meet its estimated auction price, it will become the second-most expensive F1 car ever sold at auction, moving ahead of another Schumacher driven car, 2001’s Ferrari F2001. That fetched $7,504,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York.

The most expensive F1 car ever sold is the 1954 Mercedes W196R which was purchased for $29,650,095 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2013.

The car was Juan Manuel Fangio’s when he won the second of his five World Championships.

Also on the list is Lewis Hamilton’s 2010 McLaren MP4-25A which sold for $6,658,000 in 2021 and was the first of the seven-time World Champion’s cars to be sold.

The 2002 Ferrari F2002 fetched $6,643,750 in 2019 in Abu Dhabi while Ayrton Senna’s 1993 McLaren MP4/8A earned $4,359,103 in 2018. In August, Schumacher’s Ferrari F300 was purchased for $6,220,000.

Of the current seven top-selling cars, four were auctioned by Sotheby’s.

The auction for Schumacher’s 2003 car will begin at 4PM CET on November 9 and it will be joined by eight rare ‘Fancy Blue’ diamonds.

The diamonds are worth $70 million (or 7.4 Schumacher cars) and are so highly valued due to being the highest possible colour grading for blue diamonds.

No more than one per cent of blue diamonds submitted to the Gemological Institute of America are awarded this ranking according to Sotheby’s.

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