Mick calls for the return of ‘missing’ German Grand Prix

Mark Scott
Mick Schumacher sits in his Haas car. Melbourne April 2022

German driver Mick Schumacher sits in his Haas car. Melbourne April 2022

Mick Schumacher has called for the return of the German Grand Prix as it is “still missing” from the Formula 1 calendar.

With the Schumacher name back on the grid alongside one of the all-time greats in Sebastian Vettel, the German Grand Prix is a pretty glaring omission from the current F1 schedule.

Financial reasons have been to blame for the German Grand Prix not appearing on the calendar since 2019, and even before that the race was far from a permanent fixture having also missed the chance to race there in 2015 and 2017.

With Imola’s future now secure until 2025, Schumacher wants to see another iconic European host in Germany become a more regular feature on the F1 calendar going forward.

“I think it’s definitely important to be at race tracks that have history and hopefully we’ll have some German races coming in soon, as that’s still missing,” Schumacher said.

As for the challenge of Imola and the sprint race weekend format, Schumacher added: “I think Imola is always a nice track to go to. I enjoy it a lot.

“I’ve driven around it quite a bit and I’m really excited to get there with these nice, new cars and hopefully be able to do well.

“With our car I think it’s actually quite alright, we should be able to manage to put everything together quite soon in the weekend.

“We have a good idea, we don’t need two huge changes [for the sprint and then the race] so hopefully we’ll be right in there and be able to have a good weekend.”


One change to sprints for the F1 2022 season is that now the top eight drivers will score points on Saturday as opposed to the three drivers that only scored in 2021.

That has the money rolling in Kevin Magnussen’s eyes…

He said: “I think it’s good that they’ve added points for finishing eighth and higher because there’s a pay bonus for points so I’m going to go all out, and the racing is going to be great!

“I think it’s interesting as last year sometimes it was a little less exciting as people were more conservative because there wasn’t as much at stake.

“Now that there are points, I think we’ll see more tough racing, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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