Monaco a ‘ride on the cannonball’ for Mick

Jamie Woodhouse
Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher in for a "ride on the cannonball" in Monaco says Ralf Schumacher.

Ralf Schumacher describes the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix as a “ride on the cannonball” for his nephew Mick Schumacher.

Contesting a Monaco Grand Prix for the first time is an exciting but also nervy time for any Formula 1 rookie. After all, threading the car through this tight street track with the barriers right up to the sides is the ultimate Formula 1 challenge.

Add that to the fact Mick will make his first Monaco appearance in F1 driving the slowest car on the grid and it means the task ahead grows more difficult still, even if he has declared himself “super comfortable” in the Haas.

So while Ralf tells his nephew he must be prepared for a “ride on the cannonball” in Monaco, he is also aware this is a track which puts driver ability on show.

Formula 1 is heavily dependent on the machinery, but that can only compensate so much for the skill needed around the Circuit de Monaco, comfortably the shortest and most technical lap on the calendar.

And so Mick cannot be ruled out of springing a surprise.

Mick Schumacher Haas
Mick Schumacher feels like a "different driver" now.

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“The fascination is simply to drive more precisely and therefore better than the opponents,” said Ralf, quoted by Speedweek, as he described the spectacle that is Monaco.

“A fast lap can be recognised by the fact the tyre manufacturer’s name is ground off the side of the tyres!

“What makes me particularly happy is that the tiresome topic of track limits will not exist in Monaco. Because if you think you have to overdo it there, you will quickly end up with a broken car. The big challenge in Monaco is not to make a mistake.

“I think Mick has done everything right so far. But we have to be patient, his car is not getting any better. In Monaco, it will be a real ride on the cannonball for him with a very nervous car on the rear axle.

“It will be very important for Mick to be careful going into the weekend and not have any accidents. If he keeps his style and improves steadily over the course of the weekend, I wouldn’t put it past him to spring a surprise.

“If I had to give Mick one piece of advice – he should go into practice completely relaxed and be careful, increase consciously and bit by bit. Risk is only advisable at the end of a race.

“It is not a racing myth that a driver can make a difference even in a lesser car. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve had one or two surprises in Monaco.”

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