Mick Schumacher and his trusty triangle for success

Mark Scott
Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher has given further insight into how he operates as a Formula 1 driver, using a triangular approach to measure his success with the car.

Although the Schumacher surname comes with great expectation for Mick, there certainly isn’t any during his first season with Haas, who had all but given up on the season before it even started as full attention went into working on the new 2022 car which coincides with Formula 1’s new regulations.

That approach has led to the American outfit picking not one, but two rookies in the form of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin – with the former already receiving widespread praise for how he has taken to life as a Formula 1 driver and integrated himself into the Haas team in such a professional manner.

While Haas have resigned themselves to racing almost exclusively at the back of the grid, Schumacher is still searching for improvements wherever he can find them.

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“I have this kind of triangle which I like to follow which is ‘does it feel good, is it fast, is the data showing the right things?’,” Schumacher told Sky F1.

“If all those match, then you know the change you’ve made is positive.

“Also, you have to know what you need to improve and what you want the car to do for me to drive fast, and that’s something you learn through feeling but also through studies. I’d say I’m definitely kind of both.”

As for race-by-race targets, Schumacher says he and the team are not in a situation where they have to put an exact number on where he needs to finish and they are looking at the bigger picture instead.

He added: “It’s all on us. We set our own targets, so I don’t have a clear aim of ‘we have to finish there or we’re not happy’.

“It’s more of a personal side on our car where we say ‘that’s what we want to achieve, those are the points we want to tick off the list’ and I think if we manage to do all of that then we’re happy after the race.”

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