Mick wants ‘naturally aspirated engines’ back in F1

Jamie Woodhouse
Mick Schumacher on the Silverstone track. England, July 2021.

Mick Schumacher, Haas, stands on the track at Silverstone. England, July 2021.

After sampling the iconic Jordan 191 at Silverstone, Mick Schumacher wants Formula 1 to move away from the hybrid technology.

The Jordan 191 is a symbolic car in Formula 1 and especially for the Schumacher family, this being the challenger which Mick’s father Michael Schumacher debuted in back at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, the launching pad for his legendary career which followed.

And at the 2021 British Grand Prix, Mick took to the track in that iconic green and blue car for a demo run at Silverstone, in what was his debut Formula 1 season.

And looking back on the highlights of his campaign, Schumacher puts that experience in the 191 right up there, calling for the days of internal combustion engines powering F1 cars alone to return.

“It obviously was very special, it’s a crazy car, h-pattern [gear shifter], the first time I got to drive a h-pattern, the feeling was undescribable really,” he said, reflecting on his time behind the wheel of the 191.

“Just so much fun driving it and I can just imagine how it must have been racing wheel-to-wheel with so many legends of the sport and on so many different tracks.

“Bring back those naturally-aspirated engines!”

That call sounds somewhat familiar…hello there Sebastian Vettel.

After retiring from the Russian Grand Prix back in 2019 while driving for Ferrari, Vettel uttered the phrase “bring back the f*****g V12”.

Of course, neither driver is likely to ever get their wish, with Formula 1 pushing on down the hybrid route, but what is certain is that Vettel has proved an important figure on the F1 grid in Schumacher’s first season.

Mick’s father Michael had acted as a mentor to Vettel when he was in the earlier years of his F1 career, and now returns that favour by being there for Mick.

And it is support which he has been extremely grateful for.


“Obviously it has been great having him on the grid with me,” said Schumacher of his relationship with Vettel.

“He’s been racing with my father for so many years and done the Race of Champions, they were really close.

“And it’s great to know that I have him as a friend here, but also outside of the race track and I’m able to call him whenever I need something and he’s been really kind to me in so many different ways. A big thank you to him for that.”