No ‘easy excuses’ for Aston Martin as they battle wrong development choices

Sam Cooper
Mike Krack watches on from the garage. Budapest, Hungary. July 2023.

Mike Krack watches on from the garage.

Mike Krack said he has no interest in using “easy excuses” to explain Aston Martin’s relative drop in performance in recent races.

The Silverstone outfit started above expectations with Fernando Alonso finishing on the podium in five of the opening six races but since then, their performance has dropped in comparison to their rivals.

They have scored 20 points in the last three races at a time when McLaren have made serious gains and look like a challenger to Aston’s position in the Constructors’ Championship.

Mike Krack rejects ‘easy excuse’ of tyres and cost cap

The man in charge of discovering why Aston’s performance has dropped is team principal Krack but the Luxembourger has no interest in using “easy excuses” such as the cost cap and tyre changes.

“That would be an easy excuse,” Krack told the media of the new tyre construction. “We see that there is a deep difference with these tyres but they were brought on safety and so from their point of view, everybody has to run them.

“It’s the same for everybody so we should not use this as an excuse for competitiveness, because it’s the same tyres that we have to use going forward.”

As for the cost cap, Krack believed it was “strange” for other teams to raise that as a cause behind their problems.

“To use the cost cap as an excuse not to progress, I think at this stage of the season is a little bit strange,” he said. “This is not the case for us.

“We will try to improve the car further, understand these limitations, work on them and try to bring parts and upgrades for the next races that fix them.”

With the amount of upgrades made, the AMR23 is a different car to the one that started the season and Krack admitted the team had gone down the wrong direction in terms of development.

Asked for a reason why Aston is struggling in this period compared to the start of the season, Krack said it was ” the way we have developed the car.” recommends

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“It’s very complex,” he explained. “You change one thing but you never change one thing and everything else is fine.

“You always have side effects when you do changes and you need to weigh what you use.

“For example, a part makes more downforce but has a different character or vice versa and we think that in one or two situations we have done not the right choice.”

As for how confident he was they could correct their wrong choices, Krack believes they have the capability to get back on track.

“We are very confident. It took us now a couple of weeks to identify what the issues are and also to confirm them.

“But we are quite confident that what we can do over the next races will give us the improvements we need.”

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