‘Golden race’ of Formula 1 Monaco deserves spot says former driver

Sam Cooper
The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix

The racing may not be all that memorable but the backdrop certainly is.

Johnny Herbert believes Monaco still has a place on the Formula 1 calendar despite complaints that the race itself is boring.

The Sunday of the Monte Carlo weekend tends to be a rather dull affair with the wide cars unable to overtake through the narrow streets but Herbert does not want to see it out of Formula 1.

Johnny Herbert backs Monaco for extended F1 stay

Herbert raced around Monaco 10 times in his F1 career and although the cars have grown since then, many of the challenges the drivers face these days are similar to ones he faced.

But as complaints over the difficulties of the track continue, Herbert said Monaco should remain on the calendar.

“It still draws us [fans],” he told PlanetF1.com in Monaco. “Today I’ve probably spoken to more new American fans than I have done in the last five years and it has been growing that way.

“It’s still Monaco, the guy I was talking with earlier on he said remembers watching as a kid and that it was always on the bucket list.

“It’s still the golden race of the season in Formula 1. It still draws a lot of people in and people still love it because it’s yes, it’s part of what happens on track but it’s still what happens off track at the same time.

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“So it’s still got something special that draws people back year after year and is the best race event of the year for me.”

From a driver perspective, Herbert said they should be faced with different challenges throughout the year whether that be the tarmac or in the case of Monaco, the narrow circuit.

“It’s still special,” he said of the race. “I think it’s one that the drivers still enjoy, they still love the challenge and it should always be a challenge.

“In Miami last year with the surface, we had George [Russell] saying ‘it is a bit tricky, there were a few bumps when Lando [Norris] had his off and they should get rid of that bump. The surface was a bit slippery, we should have the same surface they’ve got in Saudi and that should be the golden surface’ but you can’t do everything the same.

“This is different to everywhere else we go and the challenge shouldn’t be similar. It’s a different mindset that you’ve got to drive around this circuit. Some enjoy it, some don’t. That’s part of it. It should be that way.”

Johnny Herbert was speaking on Vision4Sport’s superyacht in Monaco ahead of an unforgettable weekend of hospitality and luxury sport experience

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