F1 respond to criticism over Monaco TV coverage

Mark Scott
Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

Formula 1 has acknowledged the complaints made about the poor television coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix in a short statement.

As we all know, overtaking opportunities are few and far between on the streets of Monte Carlo, so you would expect on the odd occasion that they do happen, the TV cameras will be there to pick them up live.

But the very first lap gave us a taste of what was to come as the cameras cut away from Mick Schumacher finding a way past team-mate Nikita Mazepin at the hairpin.

However, what followed later was inexcusable and inadvertently created a new meme in the form of being ‘Lance Strolled’ – a now fully fledged variant of the iconic ‘Rick Roll’ where people are trolled with the certified top-tapper ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley.

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On his way out of the pit lane, Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel went wheel-to-wheel with Pierre Gasly in his AlphaTauri up through Beau Rivage in a mad dash to be the first taking the corner into Massenet.

However, we only got to see part of the battle as the cameras cut away to show a replay of Lance Stroll going over the kerb at Swimming Pool.

The TV crew gave themselves a chance to rescue the situation by showing a replay of Vettel v Gasly, only to then cut away from it once again.

It led to widespread complaints from the Formula 1 community over how the race was presented to the fans watching on TV, but Formula 1 themselves wanted to make it clear that the Automobile Club de Monaco had full control over this particular race broadcast.

“The ACM had full control over the broadcast,” a spokesperson said on behalf of Formula 1 Management.

“We had no say in the camerawork but we will of course report back to them.”

Here’s hoping lessons are learned for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix…

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