Monaco challenge prompts major changes from all 10 F1 teams

Sam Cooper
Ferrari front wing and nose in Monaco

Ferrari front wing and nose in Monaco

Every Formula 1 team has made a number of changes to their cars in order to face the unique challenges of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, as revealed by the FIA.

Monaco is an extreme challenge for both driver and team as the tight and twisty circuit requires a number of changes to the car, mainly to add downforce.

F1 teams make changes ahead of tricky Monaco test

In order to prepare for the race, all 10 teams have made a number of changes to their runners so here is what each have done.

Red Bull

World Champions Red Bull, who won here last year, have made changes to their front wing and beam wing with both being enlarged to extract more downforce.

They have also made two changes to the front corner with a circuit-specific enlarged inlet for brake cooling while a reliability alteration has come to the front top wishbone fairing notch for steering.


Mercedes have also made changes to their rear wing and beam wing, as explained by Lewis Hamilton, also with the intention of adding downforce.

A change has also been made on the floor body which has increased the local inboard floor volume to increase the local flow acceleration which in turn generates more load.

The final change is a larger chord inboard flap and redistribution of the main plane chord on the front wing.


Ferrari have made just one change to the SF-24 and it comes on the rear wing with a higher downforce design including the introduction of a more loaded top and lower rear wing main and flap profiles.


McLaren, who are running a Senna tribute livery this weekend, also made changes to the rear wing and the beam wing with the same idea of creating more downforce for the Monaco circuit.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin appear to be one of the few teams to have made an upgrade rather than just an alteration and the two changes come on the rear wing and beam wing respectively.

The team say the changes to the rear and beam are “more aggressive [which] increases local suction for increased loads and is acceptable due to the lower efficiency of this circuit geometry.”


Alpine have made a number of changes and while the changes to the front wing, rear wing and beam wing are all circuit-specific, there are some interesting alterations elsewhere.

The first comes at the front suspension with the team changing the front trackrod which “gives greater road wheel angle for the same steering wheel angle compared to the standard outboard trackrod position. The higher maximum road wheel angle is required due to the specific circuit characteristics.”

The second change comes on the Halo with a realignment of the Halo vanes on either side of the cockpit. This, the team say, will provide a more outwashing flow out of the cockpit which aims to improve the flow to the rear wing and rear beam wing assembly.


Williams are very similar to the rest of the field in that they have made circuit-specific changes to the rear wing and beam wing.

Like Red Bull, they have also made a change to the front corner with a large front brake duct scoop to increase cooling.

Team RB

RB have made the standard rear wing and beam wing changes but have also made a change to the front suspension.

They say, “the profiles of the suspension members have been modified and adjusted in incidence which will “improve the flow attachment on the suspension legs, which sit in a region of high upwash from the front wing and can be prone to separation.”

The final changes come on the front corner where the cooling duct has been enlarged to increase cooling.

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Stake F1

Stake have made similar changes to the rear wing, beam wing, front suspension and front corner but have also made a rear wing endplate lateration.

They have added detached tips of the rear wing end plate which allows them to maximise efficiency.


Haas make similar changes to the front suspension, rear wing, beam wing and front corner but have also made a change to the cooling louvres which have become wider.

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