Iconic circuit takes action with long-term F1 future on the line

Jamie Woodhouse
An aerial view of Parabolica during the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

A helicopter photo of Parabolica, the final corner at Monza.

Monza was warned to keep up with the times by Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali in order to stay on the calendar, and the warning has been heeded with a pre-2024 Italian GP makeover. 

The Monza Circuit has a storied history in Formula 1, stretching back to the first World Championship year in 1950 and has been the sole host of the Italian Grand Prix since 1981, not missing a year and under contract until the end of 2025.

But as Formula 1’s popularity continues to surge and promoters across the globe scramble for a spot on the calendar, it has meant venues like Monza, despite being intertwined with the DNA of the series, are not safe.

Renovation work coming ahead of 2024 Italian Grand Prix

Italy enjoys two spots on the F1 calendar via Monza and Imola, and as per Motorsport.com, renovation work is looming to bring both circuits up to scratch.

Focusing on Monza, it is reported that new public tunnels and roads are to be constructed, while the track will be resurfaced and drainage improved. A new roof for the pit buildings is to be constructed, with new grandstands being sketched for a follow-up step.

The ceremony to mark the start of this work is scheduled for January 8, with the goal of completion ahead of the 2024 Italian Grand Prix.

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Track resurfacing and the building of a new underpass were among the Monza updates list scheduled to be carried out after the 2023 Italian GP, this delay triggering Domenicali to issue a clear warning.

He told Italian radio station Rai: “I am in good contact with the motorsport federation in Italy. We are negotiating, but we need elements to carry this negotiation forward.

“The work at Monza was supposed to start after the grand prix and still hasn’t started in December. It should now start in the near future.

“My push is a constructive push, we must keep pace with the times.

“It’s all about understanding the desire to invest in F1 as a racing platform. Entertainment and business can no longer be on a private level. It is our country that must make a precise choice.”

The Italian Grand Prix is set to mark Round 16 of 24 on the F1 2024 calendar, with Grand Prix Sunday on September 1.

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