More driver ratings revealed for F1 2020 game

Finley Crebolder
Daniel Ricciardo feels he would have offered a better challenge to Lewis Hamilton than his team-mates if he was driving the other Mercedes.

Driver ratings for Renault, Mercedes and Williams have been revealed ahead of the release of the F1 2020 video game.

The ratings were announced yesterday as a new feature for the upcoming game. For it, drivers will be given an overall score as well as ones for four specific categories; experience, race craft, awareness and pace.

Alongside these ratings, is financial info for each driver. All of this will affect how each driver drives on-track and will help you decide who you’ll hire as your team-mate for the new “My Team” game mode.

Yesterday’s announcement included the scores for the Red Bull, Racing Point and AlphaTauri drivers. They were as follows:

Max Verstappen

Overall rating: 90
Experience: 68
Race craft: 94
Awareness: 84
Pace: 96

Alex Albon

Overall rating: 79
Experience: 52
Race craft: 87
Awareness: 78
Pace: 83

Sergio Perez

Overall rating: 85
Experience: 78
Race craft: 91
Awareness: 80
Pace: 86

Lance Stroll

Overall rating: 78
Experience: 57
Race craft: 86
Awareness: 73
Pace: 83

Daniil Kvyat

Overall rating: 80
Experience: 63
Race craft: 86
Awareness: 74
Pace: 85

Pierre Gasly

Overall rating: 80
Experience: 53
Race craft: 85
Awareness: 87
Pace: 80

We now also know how the game rates the drivers of Mercedes, Renault and Williams. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they feature the highest and lowest rated racers so far.

Lewis Hamilton

Overall rating: 94
Experience: 89
Race craft: 93
Awareness: 95
Pace: 96

Valtteri Bottas

Overall rating: 90
Experience: 71
Race craft: 89
Awareness: 99
Pace: 91

Daniel Ricciardo

Overall rating: 87
Experience: 76
Race craft: 90
Awareness: 86
Pace: 90

Esteban Ocon

Overall rating: 80
Experience: 54
Race craft: 90
Awareness: 79
Pace: 82

George Russell

Overall rating: 75
Experience: 52
Race craft: 73
Awareness: 78
Pace: 80

Nicholas Latifi

Overall rating: 64
Experience: 32
Race craft: 60
Awareness: 80
Pace: 64

The latest game in the series is set to be released on July 10th. Ratings for the rest of the F1 grid, as well as every F2 driver included, will be released before then.

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