Sainz: 2007, 2008 had most beautiful F1 cars

Date published: May 4 2020 - Mark Scott

Engine problem wrecks qualifying for Carlos Sainz in Brazil.

Carlos Sainz has picked out two different eras of Formula 1 he would have liked to have been part of the most, as well as his favourite non-Formula 1 race tracks.

With no real track action to speak of, the downtime is allowing Formula 1 drivers to interact and connect more with each other and their fans.

Sainz has been doing his bit with a spot of virtual racing and has also taken part in a Q and A on YouTube where the fans have asked the questions.

The Spaniard revealed his love for the Macau race track before discussing the other eras he would have wanted to have raced in. Late 80s would have been our pick, for what it’s worth…

“I would like to race at Macau,” Sainz said when asked which circuits not on the Formula 1 calendar he would like to race at.

“I mean it’s not possible in a Formula 1 car but I miss racing there once a year like I did in Formula 3.

“Apart from that, a circuit you guys may know…Nordschleife, but obviously that’s not possible either.

“I do miss the Nurburgring, it was a great race track, but Macau would be first choice.”

As for which other F1 era Sainz would most like to race in, he replied: “This is a tricky one, but I will say 2007, 2008.

“For me they were the most beautiful F1 cars. I loved the season with Lewis [Hamilton] against Fernando [Alonso] then Lewis against Felipe [Massa].

“The cars were also beautiful in 2006 and Fernando told me how cool those cars were.

“I would also choose 2012, 2013 because the competition was much tighter than it is now. There were five, six different winners and many people fighting for the World Championship. That is what Formula 1 is missing right now.”

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