MotoGP champion received ‘strange’ Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari heads-up before announcement

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton: Moving to Ferrari in 2025

2021 MotoGP champion Fabio Quartararo got the inside scoop into Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari before the news broke and from none other than Piero Ferrari himself.

Hamilton dominated the news cycle at the beginning of February when the seven-time F1 World Champion announced he’d be leaving Mercedes for Ferrari.

Fulfilling a “childhood dream”, the Briton has decided to walk away from Mercedes one year into his latest two-year contract and instead race for Ferrari in 2025.

‘I didn’t fall for it until it became official’

And it seems, if you’re in the world of motorsports, either you knew or you didn’t.

Pierre Gasly did, with Charles Leclerc speculated by the BBC Chequered Flag podcast panel as the one who let that slip, as too did Zhou Guanyu, who has Hamilton’s right-hand man Marc Hynes as his manager.

And it seems so to did Yamaha MotoGP rider Quartararo.

He heard it from the horse’s mouth, or at least the CEO of the Prancing Horse’s mouth.

“It was strange, because I was visiting Maranello a couple of days before the announcement and Piero Ferrari suggested it to me,” Quartararo told

“But at that moment I didn’t know how to interpret it, I didn’t get it. I didn’t fall for it until it became official.” recommends

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Like the rest of us, Quartararo is still trying to ingest the news.

“I always remember Lewis at Mercedes. I’m not even aware of his time at McLaren,” he said. “It’s going to be strange to see him dressed in red.”

Quartararo’s Yamaha MotoGP team boss Lin Jarvis has already made it clear he hopes to avoid a situation similar to Mercedes losing Hamilton when it comes to his own star, Quartararo.

“If we’re not 100% competitive this year, we need to be convincing that [through] our investments, we are making progress,” he said, as per The Race.

“Because if you sign a contract, you don’t sign a contract for the bike that you have. You sign it for the bike that you expect that you will have in the future.

“And it’s interesting looking at Lewis Hamilton’s change now. Because it’s a big, ballsy change that he’s making.

“And I do remember, and he quoted it this week himself, that he made a big change in 2013. When he went to Mercedes, a lot of people, including me, I also said, ‘Really, are you sure?!’.

“Obviously he knew something, he had some confidence that they were putting in place what was necessary to be competitive in the future.

“So the most important thing for the rider choice, and [also recruiting a] satellite team, is to convince them of our intention, capacity, skills, for the future.”

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