Lance Stroll blasted for ‘totally inappropriate’ behaviour towards his trainer

Jamie Woodhouse
Lance Stroll standing in front of Aston Martin team members.

Lance Stroll standing in front of team members at Aston Martin in Qatar.

Sky F1 pundit Naomi Schiff blasted Lance Stroll for his furious reaction to Q1 elimination in Qatar, which included an altercation with his trainer.

Stroll fell at the first hurdle in Qatar as he suffered Q1 elimination, this the fourth grand prix in a row where he has failed to clear that opening section.

But, it was what went down after that which has proven to be the major talking point.

Lance Stroll criticised for “totally inappropriate” reaction

When Stroll returned to the Aston Martin garage and climbed out of the AMR23 cockpit, he was approached by his performance coach and osteopath, Henry Howe, who Stroll would push away as he headed for the back of the garage.

Howe followed the driver as he marched for the exit, with footage seeming to show a forceful shove from Stroll to Howe at the door. recommends

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And former W Series racer Schiff says that no matter how disappointing of an outing it has been, such actions are not excusable.

“Multiple poor performances in a row. On one hand, you look at this in slow motion, I mean, he really puts a lot of energy into that shove,” Schiff said on Sky Sports F1.

“And that’s really totally inappropriate. You cannot be behaving that way, no matter how disappointing your day has been.

“Those are the people who work to get you on track to make it happen for you. You can’t be treating your team like that. It’s one thing to have a bad day, come out of the car and apologise, but to come out and act that way, it’s just not good enough.

“And he’s clearly distressed. I mean, we’ve got to empathise, because he’s a human being and he’s got his emotions and you can see him picking at his hair when he’s giving his one-word answers [in his post-session interview]. He’s obviously going through something, but that doesn’t make it okay, you’ve got to act better.”

Stroll is under an indefinite contract at Aston Martin, the team run by his father Lawrence Stroll, but is this extended run of poor form, at a time where Aston Martin are trying to establish themselves as a leading team, beginning to destabilise Stroll’s place in the line-up?

Either way, Schiff points out that Aston Martin reserve and reigning Formula 2 champion Felipe Drugovich would be more than happy and grateful to receive his shot in the AMR23.

“I mean, Felipe Drugovich sitting here in the wings, who would be more than grateful to be in that car and I don’t think he would behave that way,” said Schiff.

Fernando Alonso has been spearheading Aston Martin’s push for a top-four finish in the Constructors’ Championship, scoring 174 points to Stroll’s 47.

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