New series launched to address Hamilton’s ‘top priority’

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton opens up on the abuse he suffered as a kid.

Lewis Hamilton opens up on the abuse he suffered as a kid.

Ex-Formula 1 engineer, Rob Smedley, has unveiled a new electric kart series to answer Lewis Hamilton’s call of lowering costs for junior driving.

Hamilton raised awareness of the increase in costs involved as young karters try to make their way up through the racing ranks and wanted to use his profile and experience to help find a solution.

“Karting is getting more and more expensive, but it doesn’t really need to be,” Hamilton said last year.

“But again, it’s because the business heads are not aligned with my thought process.

“Diversity is also a continuous issue, and will continue to be an issue for a long time

“[Lowering junior driving costs] is at the top of my priorities in terms of what I want to do long-term.”

Smedley, through the Electroheads Motorsport group, is hoping his new series can make racing more accessible for youngsters in the years to come.

“As Lewis Hamilton himself said recently, racing has become too expensive and is not diverse enough,” Smedley said via “I totally agree.

“Through electrification we can change that. We will be the driving force to inspire, energise and thrill racers as they climb the ladder. It is cleaner, cheaper, faster and importantly, fairer.

“For the next generation of racers, the era of the petrolhead is coming to a close.

“The whole philosophy of the Electroheads group is to get digital natives to experience the unique awe of the electric revolution. Electroheads Motorsport is a critical part of that ambition.”

Smedley also added that an electric series creates a completely level playing field where the talent of the driver will ultimately shine through.

“Electrification allows for complete parity, where the principal performance differentiator is driver talent,” Smedley added.

“Democratic. Meritocratic. Electric. That’s why we’re here.”

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