Latifi looking at ways to help with social media abuse

Michelle Foster
Nicholas Latifi in his Williams gear. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.

Nicholas Latifi wearing a Williams branded cap, mask and shirt. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.

Nicholas Latifi feels Formula 1 needs to do a “little bit more” when it comes to speaking out against cyberbullying and online trolls.

The Williams driver was subjected to vile abuse and even death threats from so-called-fans when his crash at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix inadvertently triggered the actions that led to Hamilton losing the World title.

Receiving “extreme” threats, Latifi was forced to hire extra security in the weeks following the season finale.

He feels more needs to done to combat online abuse.

“I think this is an issue irrespective… outside of drivers, in any sport, it is going to be there, not even in sports but in the entertainments and arts industry,” he said.

“I definitely think there is a lot everyone can do on that front.

“Personally, since being back from my holidays, I have been looking at ways to try and do a bit more research – not so specific on the mental health aspect, obviously, mental health is the overriding theme.

“But specifically more along the lines of what I endured which is the cyberbullying, online abuse which I guess is one of the more new-generation common contributors towards mental health issues, especially for younger people and teens.

“So I have been looking at ways to get involved, looking at different organisations and whatnot and there will be some things throughout the year I will be doing, nothing to say or announce just yet.”

Hamilton recently called on social media platforms to do more, the seven-time World Champion one of the first to offer Latifi his support after Abu Dhabi.

“No-one deserves that and it should never be tolerated,” the Briton said of the bullying that Latifi faced.

“They [social media platforms] are able to change these things and make changes. But they don’t seem to do it quick enough. So, I think we just need to continue to apply pressure.”

Latifi says Formula 1 and the teams also need to get involved.

“It is a very serious topic, especially now more than ever,” added the Williams driver.

“Maybe in previous years it was a topic people didn’t want to speak about but it is one of the most important things in modern times so I think it is important to be open to talking about certain things.


“I know Lando is one of the outspoken drivers about it and I think everyone, drivers, teams, the organisation as a whole, it is something that can definitely be pushed a little bit more.”


Latifi had to increase security after death threats

Nicholas Latifi increased his security over the winter break after receiving death threats.