Revealed: Where Nico Rosberg thinks Max Verstappen ranks on all-time F1 greats list

Sam Cooper
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen speaks to the media.

Nico Rosberg has put Max Verstappen just outside of the top five all-time drivers after the Dutchman secured his third world title.

Verstappen joined an elite group of drivers in Qatar as he won his third World Championship, becoming just the 11th man to reach that number.

The feat, which was done in three consecutive years, has rightly put Verstappen amongst the great names of Formula 1 and Rosberg has pondered where the Red Bull driver fits in the list of all-time greats.

Nico Rosberg places Max Verstappen just outside F1’s top five

Rosberg, who himself is a World Champion after his 2016 win, was full of praise for Verstappen after he secured his title following the sprint race in Qatar and said the run the Dutchman was on was “historic.”

“It’s really historic,” Rosberg said on Sky Sports F1.

“It’s unbelievable the run of form he’s had and the level that he’s driving at, the records he’s beating. Unreal.”

As for where Verstappen ranks in the list of greatest of all-time, Rosberg put him just outside the top five for now.

“He’s even getting close to those five greatest of all time now. It’s spectacular. With the way he’s driving he’s getting close to the Fangios, Schumachers, Sennas and Hamiltons.” recommends

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Of those men listed, Verstappen is tied only with Ayrton Senna for the number of world titles, albeit with the caveat that Senna’s career was cut short after his tragic passing in 1994.

Another world title would lift Verstappen up level with Alain Prost and fellow Red Bull winner Sebastian Vettel but the Dutchman has maintained he is not fussed about breaking records.

“When I started racing, of course, the ultimate goal was to win a title,” Verstappen told Channel 4. “That’s incredible because at the end of the day, if you win one or seven, it’s the same thing.

“So there is no real extra value for me to it. But of course, it’s nice now that we are in this winning streak and you keep on winning, that’s exactly what I’m here for. But also what I grew up with, like winning, you know, that’s what defines the sport. I just tried to enjoy the moment and try to do it as long as I can.”

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