Nico Rosberg party lasted until 9am


Formula One champion Nico Rosberg said he should get a trophy for partying into the next day following his win in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

“I can confirm that I am a double world champion, because we became the party champions on Sunday night. It was big — epic, massive!” he told the BBC.

“I was very lucky because all my friends and family were there, they came, so we all partied together. It was an amazing time. I think we wrapped up at quarter to nine. That was when I had the last picture on my phone.”

Rosberg finished second at the Yas Marina Circuit, with race winner and Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton’s victory not enough to overcome his deficit in the Drivers’ Championship.

He said the emotional aspect was among the best he has experienced.

“It’s amazing the emotions that come out in sport, just unbelievable — so intense, you don’t find that in many other places in life. You find it when you get married or when you have a baby, as I’ve had the good fortune of having, but not many other places in life,” he quipped.

Rosberg’s parents were on hand to help with the celebrations, with Rosberg’s mother describing the time as one of the best of her life.

“My mum has never ever seen a race of mine because she’s so scared, so she came right after the finish, and of course it was unbelievably emotional when she found out I had won. We were both crying our eyes out,” Rosberg explained.

“She said it was one of the best moments she has ever had in her life, and it was really wonderful to hear that.”

“And with my dad he came a bit later on, and that was special you know. All of a sudden it’s become one of the biggest things I’m talking about — half of every interview is about my dad.”

Nico’s father, Keke, is a former champion, winning in 1982.

“I used to hate it, but now I’m loving it, because one of the most emotional things for me was that I managed to achieve what he achieved. And to share that now with him, to compare, is really one of the most special things for me,” he said.