Nicolas Hamilton lifts lid on the difficulties being related to Lewis Hamilton

Thomas Maher
Nicolas Hamilton pictured at the 2022 British Grand Prix.

Nicolas Hamilton pictured at the 2022 British Grand Prix.

Nicholas Hamilton has carved out his own career in motorsport and has detailed why it’s tough having a seven-time F1 World Champion brother.

Lewis Hamilton’s younger brother Nicolas has become a successful British Touring Car driver over the last few years, racing with cars that have been modified for hand controls as a result of his cerebral palsy.

The 31-year-old scored his best-ever result in the championship earlier this year with a sixth-place finish at Donington Park, and has spoken candidly about his fight to overcome obstacles in his path, as well as his relationship with Lewis.

Nicolas Hamilton hasn’t sought Lewis Hamilton’s financial help

While Nicolas found his way into the BTCC in 2015, having spent a few seasons racing in the Renault Clio Cup and the European Touring Car Cup, there has been no financial assistance coming from Lewis in order to help Nicolas fund his way – simply because Nicolas wants to achieve what he has on his own merits.

“Lewis has never put a penny into my motorsport,” Hamilton told the UK’s Independent.

“There are people who still don’t believe me when I say that, but that is literally the situation.

“I’ve had a lot of online trolling and bullying where everyone says I’m only in BTCC because of Lewis.

“A lot of the criticism is unjust – I don’t deserve it. But to finally shut the critics up on 23 April [6th at Donington] was the best thing I could ever wish for. It was a load of relief and a lot of weight off my shoulders.

“When you’re slogging at it for so long, you feel like it’s not going to come. Every time you do something negative, you feel like you’re proving people right. So it was a telling day.” recommends

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Nicolas Hamilton: I’m Lewis’ number-one fan

The two brothers are known to be close, with the seven-time F1 World Champion having previously spoken very proudly about what his brother has managed to achieve having been wheelchair-bound throughout his teenage years.

While Nicolas might not be willing to accept Lewis’ financial aid, their bond is very strong and he revealed that seeing Lewis overcome the odds to become one of the sport’s most decorated drivers has only helped boost his own resolve.

“Ever since I’ve started racing, it’s been hard because people compare me to Lewis and say I’m only there because he’s a multimillionaire,” he said.

“He’s still a massive reason why I’m as strong as I am and why I’m out of my wheelchair. I’m still his No. 1 fan. Lewis and my dad [Anthony], he has been the anchor for the whole family.

“But it’s been really hard being related to Lewis and trying to carve my own career in motorsport.

“I want to continue spreading my voice – not around being Lewis Hamilton’s brother but around creating a legacy to help disabled people and people in a dark place.

“I’ve been in dark places and I want to showcase that that is absolutely OK. Society will accept you if you accept yourself.”

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