Mazepin: ‘My life won’t really start until after Formula 1’

Michelle Foster
Nikita Mazepin on the grid in Russia.

Nikita Mazepin gears up for his first home race at Sochi in 2021.

Studying for a master’s degree, Nikita Mazepin is confident that one day, when he is done with F1, he will “head a great company”.

Although Mazepin has a full-time job as a Formula 1 driver with the Haas team, the 22-year-old also has to find time for his military commitments as well as his studies.

He recently received his bachelor’s degree and is now moving onto his master’s.

Why? Because he believes his life will only “really start” after his hangs up his helmet.

“Despite the motorsport, my father never let me not finish school,” he told Bild.

“I am currently the only driver who is still studying on the side.

“I finished my bachelor’s degree during the week. Now I’m going to start my master’s.

“My life will only really start after Formula 1. I’m confident that one day you will see me head a great company.”

Whether that company is his father Dmitry Mazepin’s Uralchem mineral fertiliser company, only time will tell.

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For now though, it is full steam ahead with Formula 1, Mazepin having been confirmed by Haas for 2022 when he will again partner Mick Schumacher.

The duo have had a tense relationship, clashing on the track and exchanging words off it.

Asked to describe his relationship with Schumacher in one word, Mazepin said: “I would say ‘expected’.”

He added: “We are team-mates who both want to be the leader in the team. He won’t accept he’s No 2 and neither will I.

“I want to beat him on the track just like any other driver. This is how we push each other to perform better.”

Asked if the two could ever be friends, Mazepin admitted that was perhaps a step too far.


“Friends may be a bit much, but we respect each other,” he said.

“For me, there are two Micks. Off the track, I like him and his way a lot. We are the same age, we are ambitious and talented. If he should ever need help, I would always try to support him.

“Mick deserves 110 per cent his place in Formula 1. As far as I know, there was no other option for him. The same is true for me.

“We are both quick. I want to have duels with him. We motivate each other. I know I have to train to keep up with him because he does it every day. Nobody can relax, otherwise they would be left behind.”


Haas confirm their 2022 lineup.

Haas have confirmed that Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin will continue with them for 2022.