Mazepin ‘seriously f**king annoyed’ with Alfa Romeo

Michelle Foster
Nikita Mazepin and Kimi Raikkonen

Nikita Mazepin and Kimi Raikkonen

Out of a race in which only 14 drivers finished, Nikita Mazepin was “seriously f**king annoyed” with Alfa Romeo’s unsafe release.

Mazepin, starting the Hungarian Grand Prix from P19 on the grid, avoided the opening lap carnage that caught out those much closer to the front.

Following the red flag, the Haas rookie prepared for the restart and joined 14 drivers pulling into the pits to swap their intermediates for slicks on the formation lap.

The ensuing chaos and traffic jam saw Alfa Romeo release Kimi Raikkonen right into Mazepin’s path.

The Russian driver hit the Finn, damaging his VF-21 and forced to retire the car.

“Just really annoying,” he told the official F1 website.

“This was one race I wanted to be in, a lot of opportunities not just for me but for my team, we really need those opportunities.

“It is just unfortunate that other teams make mistakes and send cars out when it was obvious that I need to double-stack.

“You are not allowed to stay in the pit lane to hold people up, I had to go somewhere, I could not turn in any later and the Alfa just came out and took my tyre off.

“Could have been but it is not going to be.

“I strongly believe I have a long career in F1 that is not going to help.

“You want to go into the summer break tired, sore body, sore neck, but the lack of laps, lack of result is seriously f**king annoying.”

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As for Raikkonen, the Finn was also annoyed by his team, saying they had a good chance to score points but “gave them away”.

Speaking about his Sunday, the 41-year-old said: “It was ok after the first start, a hectic first corner, almost had to stop to avoid the cars.

“Everyone decided to come and change tyres and unfortunately they released me and I got hit.

“That was pretty much it and I got penalised because that is what happens when you release someone at the wrong time.

“That was the end of our race at that point, out of position because of the penalty.”

He added: “We had a good chance to score points but we gave them away.”