Binotto not thinking of possible Ferrari 2022 failure

Jamie Woodhouse
Mattia Binotto in a Ferrari polo. Italy, September 2021.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto wearing a Ferrari polo and mask. Italy, September 2021.

While it is possible Ferrari may not deliver on their lofty 2022 ambitions, team boss Mattia Binotto is not thinking that way.

In a season of major regulatory change, Ferrari are perhaps the most intriguing team on the 2022 grid with the Maranello outfit set on returning to the fight for wins and titles.

The 2021 campaign served as the ideal base as Ferrari claimed five podium finishes and two pole positions.

Key to their 2022 goals will be the F1-75, Ferrari revealing the challenger on February 17, a car that certainly delivered on the billing that it would be unique.

Powered by an engine Ferrari have great confidence in, the stage seems set for a comeback – with chairman John Elkann demanding a return to winning ways.

That is a huge deal of pressure, but Binotto says he and the Ferrari crew are too busy focusing on the task at hand to feel it.

The Ferrari F1-75. February 2022.

“I think managing the pressure is staying focused on what we are doing,” said Binotto, quoted by GPFans.

“I think we are so busy in doing what we are doing every single day by developing the car, designing the car, improving so that at the end we are not considering the pressure.

“That is the way I am leading it myself, so I am really concentrated on focusing on my job together with the entire team. Do I feel the responsibility? For sure I feel it.”


Binotto would undoubtedly share a great deal of the responsibility should Ferrari not deliver a successful campaign with the F1-75.

But again, Binotto is not lending any thought to the prospect of failure.

“I think it is important for Ferrari to be back to being competitive,” Binotto explained.

“For a long time we have been saying 2022 is our best opportunity to be back to being competitive, so I really think we have put a lot of effort with the team in designing and developing the new car. So honestly, the way I have seen the team working, I am proud of the way they made it, very united and putting a lot of effort in.

“I am not considering a failure at the moment because I don’t think it is the way it is. We are simply focused on trying to do our best, raising the level and having a good start to the season.”


Ferrari reveal their 2022 challenger

Ferrari have revealed their 2022 challenger.