No more Mr Nice Guy from Norris?

Michelle Foster
Lando Norris warns that returning to racing F1 cars will be a huge "shock" for the body.

Lando Norris warns that returning to racing F1 cars will be a huge "shock" for the body.

Lando Norris, arguably one of the friendliest lads in the paddock, says he’s won’t be Mr Nice Guy any longer, instead taking on a more assertive role at McLaren.

Norris has proven to be a hit both on and off the track.

While the McLaren rookie has scored 35 points in his debut campaign, helping McLaren to fourth in the Constructors’ Championship.

However, it hasn’t always gone right for Norris.

The Brit was let down by his McLaren team in Mexico as a cross-threaded wheelnut botched his pit stop and ultimately led to his retirement.

But while mistakes happen, he’s also made a few, Norris says now that he’s found his feet in Formula 1, he must become more assertive about what he needs.

“At the beginning of the season I didn’t know how I was going to do,” Norris told Sky Sports F1.

“If I was going to be amazing or if I was going to struggle.”

Asked if he was happy with his rookie season, he said: “Kind of.

“I’ve done well and had times in qualifying and races where I’ve really been able to show what I can do and that’s put a big smile on my face.

“But there are still times when I mess up my qualifying lap and lose half a tenth and one place on the grid, and I get annoyed about that.

“I just want to be able to lead more, rather than following and being told what to do.

“I need to be a bigger guy. A bigger man and tell people more what I need and what I don’t need.

“Sometimes I’m too nice.

“I think I need to lead my engineers more, my crew, my team in what direction I need and not just rely on what they always think and not be the guy that gets told what to do.”

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