No place for Vettel in Alonso’s top five list

Fernando Alonso: Names top five World Champs

Fernando Alonso: Names top five World Champs

Fernando Alonso was asked for his top five World Champions in Formula 1 history, ruling himself out of the equation.

As Lewis Hamilton closes in on a fifth World Championship title, Alonso was asked in the FIA Drivers’ Press Conference in Austin, Texas if his former team-mate would feature on his top five list.

He does, and so does another four-time World Champion in Alain Prost, but another four-time champ in Vettel, with four trophies won in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, is a notable omission.

And, before he answered fully, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo asked if Alonso would put himself on the list.

“No, not really,” Alonso said.

“I would probably say Michael [Scumacher], Fangio, Senna, Prost and Lewis [Hamilton]. This would probably be the top five for me.

“It is difficult to compare those different times and different championships but Lewis matching Fangio with five will be a great achievement.

“If one had to do that in our generation, I am happy it is Lewis as he has showed the talent and commitment.

“When the car is dominating then he delivers and when it is not good enough to win a World Championship he still puts in the performance to show his talent.

“That is difficult to see nowadays.”

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